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... the TWANBOC vs Pill Box East Coast-v-West Coast iggy vs Tupicky spat is officially over and we are b/o/f ...
Took delivery this am of two Black Dog CDRs M. burned off for me ... and G. but they are great, and coincidentally listening to 'em this am as I typed, made me think of my (Un)Timely Tune Theory, which has lurked in the back of my mind for an aeon now, and which I can never quite be arsed to fully develop, but which goes ruffly something like this, e.g., :
... you know there was a certain point in the ealy 2 mid 90s, say, when you just got SICK of one two many Ambient Dub compilations {or Trip Hop meets Trance meets ... etc}, but then sometimes, you go back to listen to them now, and you know what?, there's real gems hidden in there, and sometimes on the back of 12"s you find these GENIUS remixes, and you can't even recall who these people are sumtimes, and the back-track equivalent would be EVEN MORE SO i.e., :
... if you could go BACK in Time, and hear some of these tunes, say, whizzz me back to 78 or 79 and hear just ONE Weatherall remix of One Dove, or a Monkey Mafia remix*, or even an offday Underworld track, or 89% of Ambient Dub, and in 78 or 79 this kind of thing being literally UNHEARD of, the whole MIX explosion yet to happen, A Certain Ratio still undrum glum, Mutant Disco still just a glimer in certain people's eyes, the sublime beat still just a theoretical girl, everything in darkness except the DUB/ROOTS I'm starting to pick up on and piss all my meagre freelance earnings away on, PRE 7"s, PERRYology!, 7" Black Ark that goes at 33rpm, or the 12" DISCO mixes that I'm just starting to import smuggle into my squatland zone, 'cos after all once I was a Soulboy** and now ... now the sweetness is making with, like, an Eternal Return, I get this Miroslav Vituous 12" and ka-BOOOOm play it to scruffi politico squatmates and they are just not sure, is this what we should be doing, does this fit the Bill of what is Right? And there are Lovers Rock 12"s, oooooh, oh MY, {The Blood Sisters, do I remember that right? "I'd Rather Go Blind" "... than lose yoooouuur love ..."} and my world turns UPSIDE right side round again, and ...
... I FEEL LOVE ...
... and but, all I'm saying is, certain music certain tunes, sometimes maybe they just don't catch the wave or curl of Time, at the right time, and that's cruel but that's the way, uh huh, whether we like it or not ... it's called History, angels ...
... {you know, say, there are still tracks on all the post-Maxinquaye stuff Tricky has done that we're ALL so sniffy and disappointed with?, you just KNOW that if it had come out in previous little epochs, when we were glum, when the sun wasn't shining that year, they would have BLOWN everything else away ...}
... just a thought ...

{* a year, 18 months back, I dunno, Friday pm Saturday am late night shopping at Angel superstore, stays open all night, so miles of empty aisles, no screaming children, we were walking back to the car, the angelic Mrs Audi & me, and I thought - hey now, what is THAT there on the dark tarmac floor of the parking lot, and it was a big potlatch HEAP of records, all 12" 45s it turned out, I can't remember if they were in any wayshape bagged, but there was a LOT of them, lot 23 as it were, and ... whatchagonedo? {hand 'em in at the local nick? I don't think so ... I mean, even a purportedly non-record collector {ha!} like I.P. here, w-e-l-l ... and they were all of a certain rough style / type / flava / moment - not being a BlissOut type expert I can't pinpoint, stylusize up the correct archival category right here right now for you, I forget the idiomatic name, the chune strain in question, {oh, it really is on the tIP of my tongue ...} and it wasn't all primo stuff, obviously, but there was next to NO real dross, and but there were some real sublime things, and one thing in particular, well, I just FELL ... completely instantly madly in LOVE: the aforementioned:

olive promo
promo only. not for resale. 12" 45 rpm
that side a1 monkey mafia remix 7.20
- and I've no idea whether it's indexically in or out to admit a love for this particular disc, but LOVE it I do, monstrously, it took me completely, by surprise { both MIX and VOX, a little bit One Dove maybe, yes - who I also always rated and loved - but sharper, with claws, and a strange subtext clause goin' on, maybe, odd, uncanny, tender, haunting -

deeper and deeper was my love for you
sweeter and sweeter joy
hoping that, every day ...

you can go your way

i cannot hold you down
turning the situation round
a little more

you can go your way

touching a face makes it a LOVE thing
straight to the face
one {word??} will never be a miracle
touching a face makes it a LOVE thing
straight to their face
at any rate
one {????} will never be a miracle
touching YOUR FACE
makes it a LOVE thing
.... a MIRACLE
straight to the face
LOVE thing ...

dreamily passing by
all the words sort of come & go
wasting the time of day
i dont know-oh...
don't you smile that way
smiling is all i've got
left for you

you can go your way
you can go your way
{but ...}
touching a face
makes it a love thing
a miracle

- it TOUCHED me, deep down, instantly, {had NO IDEA who this was, where it'd come from, where they'd gone, nameless, faceless, dateless} ... and maybe therein hangs a neat concrete instance of my 'theory', of Timely vs Untimely Tunes ... ?
{olive · "miracle" · v. ruff transcription of lyrics by i.p.

{** absolute saviour and joy of my heart at the moment: one stand out track on this Northern Soul compilation:
O-H my ....! Redemptive self-knowledge atop a thunderous skIPping reet fleet floorfiller beat ...

posted by Ian 8/30/2003 12:06:00 PM

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