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... Bloggerâ„¢ bore alert, BUT ... :
... has anyone else been experiencing odd little quirks and the thing, like, answering back and odd technical backchat that makes no sense and scarey messages about it can't publish this one, you're stuffed, bub, and then but after 20 minutes of PANIC you discover it's published it all anyway and stuff like that? I even had one where - after an age of work in the Post box - it told me it could not or would not publish becoz of a wrong ident/password combo or some such does not compute tekno rot, I mean I was a bit tiddly at the time, I admit it, but a} this has never happened before, in any circumstances, and password isn't some piece of obtuse esoterica, it's a little piece of my heart, and besides, like, if my i.d./codeword was bollix'd then howcum it let me wander on in to the inner sanctum anyway?

All about as convincing...NOT and doesn't-hang-together as 24 you ask me ...

¿ ---- ?

posted by Ian 8/11/2003 11:55:00 AM

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