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Have been literally tossing & turning in my cat strewn bed, wondering whether the drunken anecdote below constitutes anything even approaching what I think it does; or whether it's just a deeply embarrassing piece of trivia; or whether the sign of "deeply embarrassing" isn't in itself a good sign, a telling sign, a sign that something ... ah: e-mail from reader J.D.*, who finds some kind of "beauty" in it, the "madness & humour & beauty" of our diurnal undog days ... so it's settled: it stays, in all its pissed exuberance and awkwardness and ego-bruised truth.

Actually, maybe it was just my arse that got bruised. The riotous laughter that poured out of me later ... the ego's safe enough, I think: maybe even reinforced in an odd sort of way ...

*{no no, not that J.D. - do you really think I wouldn't be dropping the full name if it was? Not that this D-reader J.D. isn't sufi-ciently sympatico & arcanely cool too ... bless you,. J. Lovely e-mail. Nearly quoted from it: your Maslow moment, with the sunlight ... ? Maybe I could start a Peak Experiences Corner ... cheer ourselves all up.}

posted by Ian 8/29/2003 09:16:00 AM

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