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What exactly is it that's going on with The Guardian and The Observer profiling ALL OF THEM, every last one, from Dannii Minogue on up or down, Ashanti, Discounti, Avril Cruella Longest Month, Melanie Blatt*, the Presely gurl {oh, and there was SO MUCH point to that review, Petridis, yeah right}, Girls Aloud, you notice they all have one thing in common that's right: they're NOT INDEPENDENT, they're PR-heavy e-zy dishes, sushi pop, no pips, no pipes, sassy sashimi on a photo-op plate, no interesting profilers, no drift I can see, I don't get it, like Channel 4's stomach turning HYPE up lost-weekend canonisation of the execrable ROBBIE, posing like he's a coke-pumped Lazarus via some gay stylist with bad Catholick hang ups, but there you go, it's work for everybody, the PR depts, the stylists, its INDUSTRY, but ... there's more to it than that, surely, and I JUST don't get it, altho I suppose from one populist angle it could be said to be "laudable' but ... BUT ...

I just don't feel right with it; even if I couldnt yet tell you WHY.

There are dozens of Japanese French German US post-rrriot girl own label voices who may just be possessed of s/t like dream vision, paradigm irruption, some are already pre occupying my listening air, colleen of course, Maja Ratke and Nagisa Ni Te and the wonderful wonderful almost ritual almost awe-limned almost jouissant pointilism of Mira Calix and Barbara Morgenstern and Cat Power and ... what do THEY all have in common?
... well, apart, of course, from the fact that we're ALL so relieved certain Groanydad hacks haven't got their dreary 400 words on them yet ...?}

posted by Ian 8/08/2003 02:42:00 AM

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