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{*sic, natch

Hello! I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandy ..."

Never mind TV for 'may cause some viewers offence' Sex In The City SHEtrannygains and nanny gloat ... tune in to BBC's digital RADIO 7 for reruns of ROUND THE HORNE ...

How DID Kenneth Williams & co get away with this stuff in the 50s?
Not only "get away with it", but were clasped to the chuckling bosom of the Daily Mail reading aspidistra tending classes ...

Improve your Polari!
Exercise One...

"Now, repeat after me:

Ooooh, how bona to vada your dolly old eek again!"

{Maybe it's Pill Box competition time! As in: the first reader to correctly translate the preceding sentence wins ... let me see ...}

+ ---- +

And yes, the TV DETOX is continuing apace since you ask.
Strict portion control: The Simpsons and Channel 4 News daily and that's it.

I've even put a lovely thin-wooden-slatted Japanese blind over the Trinitron. You should try it! It seems to DEFUSE the TV's awesome room-fixing centrifugal power at a stroke. It disappears, this monstrous GREY EYE, beseeching your every angle; becomes just one more window or dusty surface to look at or out or through or away from or shutter-up for the night. It seems to give both your room and your dreaming "I" back something like a full 360 degrees ... and this could just be my wishful Imaginary, running away with my Other me, but I looked in the mirror the other night and didn't recognise myself: 25 years seemed to have dropped away from my eyes ... nuh nuh nuh nuh NINE TEEN! {Yeah, right.}

posted by Ian 8/14/2003 01:16:00 PM

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