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penvois {iii}:
{ water drops on burning keys }

What does one do when one trembles?
What is it that makes you tremble?

A secret always makes you tremble.
Trembling, at least as a signal or symptom, is something that has already taken place, as in the case of an earthquake [tremblement de terre] or when one trembles all over {. .. ...} unsettling everything so as to imprint upon the body an irrepressible shaking, the event that makes one tremble portends and threatens still.

Most often we neither know what is coming upon us or see its origin; it therefore remains a secret. We are afraid of the fear, we anguish over the anguish, and we tremble.

We tremble in that strange repetition that ties an irrefutable past (a shock has been felt, a traumatism has already affected us) to a future that cannnot be anticipated; anticipated but unpredictable; apprehended, but, and this is why there is a future, apprehended precisely asunapproachable.

I tremble because I am still afraid of what already makes me afraid, of what I can neither see nor foresee. I tremble at what exceeds my seeing and knowing, although it concerns the innermost parts of me, right down to my soul.

One doesn't know why one trembles.
Why does the irrepressible take this form ... this particular symptom?

This symptomology is as enigmatic as tears.

Even if one knows why one weeps, in what situation, and what it signifies (I weep because I have lost one of my dearest), that still doesn't explain why the lachrymal glands come to secrete these drops of water which are brought to the eyes rather than elsewhere, the mouth or the ears.

What does the body mean to say by trembling or crying?

We would need to make new inroads into thinking concerning the body in order to one day come closer to what makes us tremble or what makes us cry.

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put the brakes on
put the brakes on
cos i'm fading fast
can't find a link
between me and her

i fall
outside of her

and the trouble is
there's no telling
just who's right
and who's wrong

don't tell me that
love is all there is
i know ...
dont i?

come away now
run away now
little man
you'll not make sense of it
try as you might
to understand

her heart's
a foreign place
i'll visit it
for a while

there's no talking to her
talking to her
i'll keep my thoughts to myself
unless i'm asked

on the skin
sets in

don't tell him
love is all there is
i know
i know
just pull the wool down
over his eyes

one more time.

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Through their reaching into each other, through their "prehensions" or graspings, beings constitute each other and themselves. Beings do not preexist their relatings. "Prehensions" have consequences. The world is a knot in motion.
{. .. ...}
There are no pre-constituted subjects and objects, and no single sources, unitary actors, or final ends. In Judith Butler's terms, there are only "contingent foundations;" bodies that matter are the result. A bestiary of agencies, kinds of relatings, and scores of time trump the imaginings of even the most baroque cosmologists.

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Jacques Derrida · Whom to Give to (Knowing Not to Know)
David Sylvian · Blemish
Donna Haraway · Prehensions
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posted by Ian 8/25/2003 12:48:00 AM

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