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... not even that consciously, not making any big deal or fuss or look at me looking away like this! quirk about it, the penny's dropped, the room its own colour again, unblue, I've been slowly cutting down on it anyway, recently, casually, day by night, wresting back CONTROL from that remote no place where we've really NO IDEA who is in charge, who says YES or NO, who knows, not me, no, no, yes, I've been cutting down on it, until . . . today, no de-cision to it, as such, but today, my + or minus one, a new day, tense today it can't be denied, words POURING out of me like a Niagra fault, curl, rush, un damned, un dimmed, yep, cut to the cut in question: I didn't even switch it on, not once, not even for the Simpsons repeat, no: yes, NO TELEVISION WHATSOEVER today!
NONE: not so much as an on again and straight back OFF again: nope.


My eyes are closed but I CAN SEE
The sky stretched over head...

No T.V. O.D.for me.
And so ... something begins, again, to be felt, to be dreamed.

Day One: an un done thing which lets all my ghosts speak to me so I can actually hear and feel their presence again, their chatter, their ... weather.

A bit scary, yes, true, it has to be said. Humid. Still.

A start.

{ .... and NO RISK of Peter bloody Mandelson say popping up in my own damn living space once more tonight which, is it just me BUT it feels like, he's been here more and more, who said YES to this? Not us for damn sure! When there's 3 thousand Other folk, even just their traces, their revenant faces, I truly long to seefeel ... the way I do in dreams or their faraway Call ...

{+ instead, all day & night & into tomorrow again, Sylvian's BLEMISH which, I feel this shaping up something truly special, like, I haven't played anything this way, non stop, un wearyingly, since some time in the 70s possibly ... like, Rock Bottom, just one e.g. out of the old rotten hat. We touch rock bottom; and it's all waterfall from here ...

Affirmation: do you cv?

It's LOVELY to SEE you ...

posted by Ian 8/08/2003 01:20:00 AM

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