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... and can I just make it clear to all & sundried that my current T.V. DETOX and the daily ballyhooh ha I make about it should in no way be taken as some kind of crypto fundamentalist highly pompous swing to the self-righteous moral condemnation of the state of the TV NATION or of watching TV per se ... it's more personal, and part & purr-cell of a far wider deeper more personal sin-drone, an escape from the sin-drone of DEFERRAL, which takes in all sortsa stuff besides TV, and is about the age I am, and where I am, and who I really want to be versus who I let myself {merely rest content to} be; there really is all this stuff I KNOW I should be doing, stuff I REALLY love the thought and texture & time of, and stuff that is reaching out to me to be done, in time, precious time, and which has been deferred for WAY too long and is starting to truly weigh me down, with guilt & sloth & shame, which is a shame, when my aims really are crystal sharp & clear ... and a few words from a few people - read & sent & spoken - have turned my ostrich head lately, and that is all i am going to say ... for now.

: to be dis}{continued ....... for NOW's sake.

+ ---- +

... and also, of course, there are the rare exceptions, like The Simpsons, which I hardly even think to classify as TV, they're part of the family, and which aren't the death of hope & soul, but, coincidentally, I coulda DIED yesterday, yesterday's (repeat) of The Simpsons,, a sublime episode as a whole, but this one scene right at the beginning, Homer's rage as he tries to build a DIY bar-b-q, I was laughing SO hard SO suddenly that I started to choke on my organic roast carrot & parsnip pate sandwich ... well, I woulda died with a SMILE on my face but it woulda been just a bit "ironic" wouldn't it?, like, death by TV O.D. at this precise moment in time ...

posted by Ian 8/12/2003 01:23:00 PM

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