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Really really like Matt's round-up of The Best Concrete Album Ever!! - and I'm not just saying that becoz we're now officially reconciled, homies, fellow Hexiles on Main Street ... altho, and I doubt this even needs saying, if I have ever made semi snarky comments in the recent past about "record collectors", of whatever 'class' or tendency, you don't need to be a Lacan {a certified lackanic} to work out that it was at least partially a sublimation of a huge dollop of envy/melancholy, given that I lost at least three seperate collections to My Addiction Days {henceforth known as M.A.D.}

It also explains why I maybe get what may seem to outsiders Unduly Emotional when someone like Matt generously ties a bow round our x and make up with the gift of a couple of CDRs of real rare cuts tracks & bruisers.

I am slowly & patiently moving to replenish my tumbleweed shelves with all the stuff I now LACK, and which, it hurts, it really does, I don't know what's worse, the near-tearful state I still sometimes get into over the realisation that some LP or CD ... shit, ISN'T HERE, or having to admit that, yes, it does hurt, mere objects, yes, mostly replaceable objects at that, but still ... you gave them away, they were your children and you gave them away.

And it's sometimes the oddest things that sting; not the original Elektra vinyl copies of Starsailor and Lorca {how could you DO that?} but odder, smaller things: things which, sometimes you didn't even know held an emotional pull. Moments of Time; moments in LOVE; momentous purchases. You NEGATED them ... {you can't fix vinyl} ... now LIVE with it.

posted by Ian 9/06/2003 08:09:00 PM

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