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... and of COURSE, having just said that, I recce back and everything seems to be back to "norMAL" and all the gang is there ...

... talking of which, I did have a reponse I scribbled out on the back of a Press Release or something, to The Wire Let's Be Teacher and mark the Blogs out of TEN piece, but Orpheus knows where it is now .. and once the Moment is lost, let it go, I say ...*

... but, I mean ... if you're reviewing The Pill Box as a MUSIC blog, fer crying out loud, there's something wrong with your I-sight, see't now? Not that I don't LOVE music like breath and fur and bananas and kitten heels and a fire in the forest and all kinds of LIFE ITSELF, as it smiles eyes down but heart on fire at me across a liquid table of roses and crowns and hearts and daggers, and crucibles and cats and mortar shells, but ... BUT ... I thought it was screamingly plaintively pleadingly flirtatiously OBVIOUS that the key word in it all would 9/10 times be LOVE, not MUSIC ... and that I could almost mount a court case for misrepresentation, comes down to it, for being palmed off as too OBTUSE, and not "director's cut" music review enuff: I wouldn't MIND being marked down for being clumsy, lazy, lachrymose, diffuse, bad tempered, what...EVER, but ... BUT ... it's like someone saw a Cassavetes movie, and reviewed it for not being GREENAWAY enough, you know?
And that's all I'm saying, off the top of my revolution blues entertainmen blemish i dream a highway black dog september gurl rilke & emily dickinson hold hands together on a bridge as the sun goes down in their eyes and the river of blood rises and feline guerillas rise up out of the rain of tears to proclaim, proudly: I, pussy! head ... {probably}

posted by Ian 9/06/2003 08:50:00 PM

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