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Having just realised that all three comeback posts were death related,
here's some lighter hearted stuff from the surf hinterlands, some silly,
some sublime, some just good news...

the new/last COIL album is finally on sale;

this makes me think that Vincent Gallo justifies the faith I have always
had in him, that he is indeed the ultimatefunny-uncanny-&-funny-who-HO
trickster-artist of this celebrity frazzled age (either that, or he's insane);

this confused me: if My Life Were A Film, apparently, it would be an (ahem)
Erotic Thriller; well, maybe, but the three films they give as examples - I
haven't see any of them. (A Charlotte Rampling film? OK! But Richard Gere?

not all of these work, but the Supremes-Pink Floyd I actually find quite
moving, and I love the Outkast-Floaters (and the Judy Tzuke-Floyd made
me realise where one particular Ultramarine sample originated);

and this may be a bit late, but it still rocks the (White) house, righteously.

posted by Ian 12/04/2005 12:53:00 PM

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