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sad to hear of death of john studholme
once guitarist with prag VEC

the whole band, but especially john & sue
were very nice to me when i first arrived
in london & i think they may have been
the first band i actually cackhandedly
profiled/intereviewed for the NME

they even let me play saxaphone with them
on a few live occasions
i think there's even a v. obscure
odds+ends compilation
where i briefly feature
under one of my ian-joke
band pseudonyms
(i remember laughing a LOT
with them: they were the
un-P.C. let-it-all-hang-where-it-will
i remember long pub afternoons in
west london;
i remember one long rehearsal
afternoon in a small dark room
off the Holloway Road;
i remember plink plonk playing
with Sue's WASP synth,
in the Westway eyrie john &
sue shared at the time
(she/they really ahead of the
curve there with that WASP, come to think
on it...);
i remember john recommending a book on the
Futurists to me;
IMPISH - john's face, sue's humour {very
macho pomp deflating, singly, or together};
i remember...
too much.
too much these days.
these days...
contemporaries dying:
it's not ...
ah sheeesh.

not good.
not good at all.
{this depressive want for
decent expressiion just one of the
reasons i couldn't do a 'proper'
Obit for john,
a whole constellation of reasons,
but i hope someone who knew and loved
him finds a way...

& thoughts to those who did know and
love him.

I.P. {1/12/05

posted by Ian 12/01/2005 09:04:00 AM

Sad news indeed...

This seems apposite:

Very sad to hear. I've lost a number of friends from punk/post-punk days over the last few years. Every time it brings back memories with startling (and disturbing) clarity. I wonder what happened to them and, at the same time, I wonder what happened to me. I mourn their passing and wonder about the loss of the person that I was too.
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