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Fire blooms, peace of mind, splendid
agitation, and freedom from this damn
pestilential flu virus which currently
means I can't place one word in front
of another without a 43 second pause
for thought. (Better than a two year
pause though, I guess: especial thanks
to K-Boy and T-Punk for making me
want to post again...)

There should follow here a few really
funny & articulate posts. Instead, let
me just say that I too am utterly baffled
by U2's mind-hold over otherwise sane
individuals; {maybe for, uh, visionary
U2-hackiographers (sic)
like Morley and Michael Bracewell -
smart boys, who think Pop Culture in
Big Blocs (not a criticism, it's something
that I can't do: I will obsess over the micro
grain of one sung word of one song
for years and miss the
bigger picture),
Bono is the post-modern equivalent
of early 70s Keef On Tour, and ... sorry:
mind's gone dead again...}

drip... drip... drip...

also: British readers
should all watch out tonight for the
BBC4 screening of "Whistle and I'll
Come To You My Lad," from the MR
James story
of the same name.
(I still wish someone at BBC would repeat
The Stone Tape, but this'll do for now.)
There's a COIL LIVE track where JB
starts crooning "Whistle and I'll Come
To You My Lad," and then morphs its
beachside reverie into distinctly
Pasolini/Burroughs terrain
("Whistle and I'll fuck you with a
...") and ... mind gone again.

Happy Winterbend, pawfoot people.

(I know civiliisation has a lot to
recommend it, but given the choice
between having to construct a huge
fire on top of a cold & remote hill;
or having to go off now and
struggle through Gap... I 'll take
the Sun Worship every time.)

posted by Ian 12/21/2005 10:43:00 AM

hooray for the pillbox!

'ver stone tape' is on dvd


--BFI Street Team
Why a two year pause ?
They repeated 'The Stone Tape' last year on BBC4, I think. I'd never seen it before and it held up pretty well.
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