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14.30 TMF: "Hey Ya" video...

"What's cooler than being cool? Being ICE cold..."

Maybe I'm being dim here and someone has brought attention to this before, but all the times I've see some celeb pick "Hey Ya" as a favourite video or that it's featured in some "Best 50" or etc, as far as I know no one has ever pointed out that right slap stage CENTRE and in keeping with the green colour scheme is an open COFFIN...

[NB: One of Andre's alter egoz is called 'Johnny Vulture'...]

Any thoughts? }}

posted by Ian 1/07/2006 02:28:00 PM

How could I have missed this? Now I'm googling to find the video again...
it's cuz "love is dead" is a theme throughout the album "hey ya" is off of...the lame below, or whatever that was called.
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