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(Re)Introduce a haunting, half-grasped (c)oncept and what happens? Rather than filling people with productive anxiety, it induces a kind of BLIND CANON PANIC and people set about filling up the holes and crypts and (e)pockets and fissures in themselves with LIST after LIST after LIST of vaguely related theme words and knock-on (or off) effects, based on a certainty that these qualities somehow 'reside' in certain objects ...

If Hauntology is only a whisper away from Ontology - it's a vertiginous, terrifying whisper (in the silent night of Reason) - or ought to be, if you're picking it up (im)properly; and not something you can defend your self against with dungeons and drifts of hierachical stabilisation or 'proof' which have more in common with stupifying Channel 4 Fifty Greatest List programmes than deconstruction in uncanny spirit (ha!) or (undelivered) letter ...

Which might all just be a more or less FRIENDLY way of saying: B O O!

Or, to put it another (his, or his, or her, but never "my") way:
But who's talking about living? Finally?

posted by Ian 1/20/2006 07:22:00 PM

Seconded. Or perhaps --- doubled...

Canon = reverence not revenance

(though to be fair, the putative canon seems to be less a solid hierarchy than a drift or webwork of associations, more or less vague)

But.... I would rather try to grasp the CONCEPT (or grasp the ways in which it is ungraspable, or about the ungraspable)than proliferate 'examples' of hauntological texts.... What I'm interested in is what it is that is specific to Ariel Pink/ Ghost Box/ Jessica Rylan... which cannot, as you say, be a question of what they 'have' as positive ontic properties ... if it's a question of gaps, lacks and dubtractions, exactly how?

By the by, thought this from the TLS link was worth a mention:
'the term “hauntology” initially emerged in a consideration of the rapidly proliferating spectral or virtual modes of communication in the age of “techno-tele-discursivity” and “techno-tele-iconicity”

techno-tele-ICONicity eh?

Ooo and don't you find those Project Muse Access Restricted things a fucking pain? Seems like 1 in 3 things I want to click on ends up in that cyberspace cul-de-sac.
Glad you took it in Spirit it was intended; in fact I might take up
Caspar The Friendly Ghost as a kind of personal... uh, well, um... icon? Combining as he does in one immaterial 'body' the ability to scare/haunt and a Blanchot-ian emphasis on 'friendship'.

Which was was just what I - HA! - intended...
Daniel Johnston - Casper the Friendly Ghost

He was smiling through his own personal hell,
dropped his last dime in a wishing well,
but he was hoping too close and then he fell,
now he's Casper the friendly ghost.

He was always polite to the people who'd tell him
that he was nothing but a lazy bum but,
goodbye to them he had to go,
now he's casper the friendly ghost.

Nobody treated him nice while he was alive,
you can't buy no respect like the librarian said but,
everybody respects the dead,
they love the friendly ghost.

But now they say, "We'll never forget what we learned,
as we were mean to him but he never burned a sin."
Love lives forever, thank you
Casper the friendly ghost, thank you
Casper the friendly ghost.
hmph meanwhile i have been recruited as registering my APPROVAL of KUBRICK o noes i am shamed!!

mkp makes a good fist his case in the abstract (places to search for the uncanny) but even this -- the only kube-rock i actually "like" -- is the signal opposite of haunting: apart from the soundtrack (and even then i am using "listenable" in a critical rather than a fully affirmative sense), shelley duvall's practical guide to coping w.a DISLIKEABLE NUTCASE husband is all that's special here

other (better) films abt the suburban male crack-up (ie films w/o j.nicholson in) = COMMUNION -- my lovely LINDSAY CROUSE as coping spouse, c.walken as the would-be arty husband imagining alien abduction (and dragging all down with him)
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