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As a good Derridean I'm a bit uneasy around the notion of 'canons' (as a good Derridean I'm uneasy around the phrase 'a good Derridean') but as I flick(er)ed thru the k-Punk/Dissensus Hauntological Canon one glaringly obvious example appeared (appropriately?) absent ...

Coil's } { ELpH vs COIL: worship the glitch [1994]

ELpH was their name for certain strain of revenant 'glitch' muzick that came out of their equipment unrehearsed or consciously thought of: something dicarnate, embodying itself in the bodyless trawl of their elecDronic musick's coils + chips, its cyber crossroads ...

Here's a snatch of a Fortean Times interview:

FT: The album Worship the Glitch, is jointly credited to Coil and ELpH. Who or what was ElpH?

JB: Coil work under a number of pseudonyms, Eskaton, Black Light District etc, but when we entered into the ELpH project we felt compelled to do it, it was strange. Normally we have a musical reference, we say "let's do an album in the style of Cluster" (German '70s electronic drone group MP), then we'll approximate it and go off at a tangent, but with ELpH the three of us, myself Peter, and Drew McDowell really felt that we receiving extraterrestrial messages transmissions and we just went with it. The sound was designed by whoever, or whatever, was coming through us. Throughout, the William Burroughs phrase, "Stars splash the silver, answer back" was behind the recording session. We did it in a week, and for that week it was as if the transmission was in full flow, and at the end of the week it stopped And we haven't got it back since, which is why we haven't done another ELpH album. We keep hoping that they - whatever it was - will contact us again, because we really want to do one. Maybe it was a one off.

FT: Did you ever try to contact it through channelling or anything like that?

JB: I'm very wary of channelling, although having studied magic I do know how to banish and protect. I think channelling can be very dangerous. Several acquaintances have had negative experiences with it…Having said that I might consider it in the right circumstances.

FT: Perhaps your equipment was somehow picking this up?

JB: I don't know, it didn't feel like an electrical transmission at all, it felt very fluid. It could have been something earthbound, rather than extraterrestrial. An earth spirit or something like that.

posted by Ian 1/19/2006 12:04:00 AM

yeah...love this album... sort of creeps up on you in the same way their drone stuff does... skin tickling... the methodology brings to mind NWWs Soliloquy For Lilith - music made out of accidental resonances, music made without instruments only connectors... and who's that japanese guy who just plays the disconnected mixing board?
Oooh i'd forgotten but yr mentioning this and this being in my brand new pillbox postpox this morn reminded me: i had a long complicated travelling fom place to place dream with Jhon & Slzy Pete in last night... must try and remember more...
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