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is something like a cross between:

you know, all Lacan n Zizeck n shit, but not at a distance, not just an abstract puzzzle, a bit more grrrl than puzzzle, a bite more - my husband annoyed me this morning but..., or, last night I dreamt of green lemons, but..., or, when I have to face a classroom full of annoying twerps it helps that..., I dont know, just a bit of the Real of life, and how texts INTERSECT with that, when they help or hinder, tangle or touch(e), yes yes, I know sweet theoria isn't a cult, or a way of being 'better' people, but, y'know... a little less Amended Essay, a bit more burnt toast or streaked mascara. But maybe this is just me... dumbing down like an Otherflicker...

{Just for the record, I have to admit to finding Zizeck pretty underwhelming {I mean: Lenin? Hitchcock? I feel like I'm in a Portabello Road pub, circa 1981...}, and not a patch on Leo Bersani by the way, and I just can't understand why everybody is bigging up Zizeck and not Bersani; and Alain Badiou I have to say I find just plain unreadable and why-bother? (Say after me: I - O - U - all: a bit more Benjamin and a bit less bloody Algebra...; the last writer I found this unreadable was Christian Metz, jeez, drier than Dry day in the Gobi Desert. )

All these beardy corduroy BLOKE theorists, I don't know, I always just keep thinking: what's being hidden here, mm?, which isn't very generous I grant you, or theoretical, but it all just reminds me of this possibly apocryphal story someone once told me about one of the star Leftist theorists in Britain in the late 70s early 80s, whose Wife - fed up of him up in his attic office with his mute head in Althusser footnotes 24-7 - upped and left him ... and he didn't notice.

Which brings me back to the Blog I'd Most Like To Read, I guess... a Blog which does notice the Wife or Husband ... and kids, and dreams, and frustrated desires, and time, and tolls...

posted by Ian 1/08/2006 11:31:00 AM

yes, for some reason theory seems as stuck in the 1980's as everything else. The universities turning dissent into syllabus perhaps?
IP, have you read Michael Bérubé? His taste in music isn't encouraging but he's smart and funny.

i would say, yes, more life please.
i would say, more imagination.
i would say more risk taking. writing from a more exposed position. a lot less emualtion of the mainstream media, both in prose style/structure/tone of voice and subject matter. thats really the most depressing thing, seeing peoples reviews, previews and essays and even interviews about the same consumables as the observer and mojo and the wire and blah etc.

i dunno, more personal things, more things fom the individual imagination. more personal voices, less journalese. etc etc etc

nice to have you back anyhoo
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