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Comment Box seems to have gone temporarily wah-wah here ...

But I imagine marK's disbelief re Galloway's remark [see below] might be shared by other readers so I'll reiterate:

He DID say it. I'm not making it up; and I'm not exaggerating some more or less mild or milder thing he said.

It came in context of this self-assessment they'd just had to do about who was the best known, the biggest Celeb and then arrange themselves on podiums from 1 to 11; there was a brief & minor disagreement over how popular the Americans were - you know, Barrymore is maybe well known here, but Rodman/Baywatch-babe are American and therefore GLOBAL... {which, that logic was maybe what got in G's craw?}

So Double G (!) was saying - well, if it comes down to a Global ranking, then, I could say: .... and he said it. He did. Swear on my cats!

posted by Ian 1/10/2006 08:47:00 PM

The exact quote (according to this blogger from GG's constituency), is...

"If it's worldwide, I'm the most famous. Virtually every Muslim in the world, which is one and a half billion people, knows me."

Good to have you back BTW.
Oh, and there's this:

"We need to use new and innovative methods to put across our arguments. I’m determined that there are no no-go areas for us and I believe Celebrity Big Brother will be hugely successful for our ideals. If I'm wrong at least many will eat in the Gaza Strip because I tried."
not only do they know who he is, they know WHERE he is!

from today's indie: "On a day like today, which is an important day for the local Muslim community, one would have expected him to at least have visited the local mosque to show his respect. Instead, he appears to be in some kind of brothel," said Abdal Ullah, a member of the local [ie Bethnal Green's, I assume] Metropolitan Police Authority and chair of its community engagement committee.
It still didn't even *begin* to be as fucking DISGUSTING as his claim that all the Iraqis just *loved* Saddam...
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