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I'd have to gather together my dispersed Dream Diary entries and check dates, but roughly over the last year or so I've had this series of dreams where I go walkabout and/or get confoundingly lost in PARIS and LONDON; but the point is, they are my dream versions of Paris and London, and each the same each time I dream back to them... like they were actual oneiric zones, discrete and distinct topographical spaces... off-set capital cities in parallel to the 'real' Paris and London. Black light districts.

(I had one last night: started in London; ended in Paris.)

Without even consulting the Dream Diary I can immediately bring a few of them to mind, they remain so vivid.

(One of these dreams I had earlier in the autumn, where I was LOST in (my) LONDON, was frankly one of the most simultaneously disturbing and entrancing I've ever experienced, ludic (no, sorry, I mean lucid) (or do I?) dreaming as a trip or video game or Cronenberg story board, complete with 'trick' ending where, still in dream mode, I 'woke' into a strange hotel room on bed in last night's clothes with dry mouth and whiskey glass in hand, and thought: WOW, all that too-real 'lost in London' stuff was all just a dream!, Jesus, I must have over done it with C. the other night, I better ring him and find out how bad I behaved and why he had to dump me in this hotel room and - KA POW! I then woke again, really this time, onto my afternoon nap sofa, and for a few l-o-o-o-ng seconds had NO CLUE WHATSOEVER WHERE OR WHO I WAS...)

They all have that properly uncanny [unheimlich: at home-yet-not-at-home] feeling of being at once completely ordinary, lit. un-remark-worthy ... and yet so subtly strangely different divergent as to be hard to de-scribe, lit. un-remark-able... {so: their phantomic Real is far more scratchily resonant than any glossily social-realistic duplication of mere diurnal A-Z... and NB these aren't vague dreamy dreams where you just dreamily 'know' you're in "Paris", they're fearsomely detailed, like this Paris and this London are whole other constellations ...}

It's just struck me that I haven't actually walked in the real Paris or London (the old way, the way I used to, the Walter Benjamin detour-guide way of walking till you're lost) in this time frame. In Autumn 2000 I may have had the ur-dream about Paris, a very clear and powerful and powerfully wistful dream which seemed to suggest I SHOULD BE THERE, it was my true home, and into the bargain threw in a conclusive bit of glaring but divine Alchemical hidden-gold symbolism.

Coincidentally (?), in Autumn 2001 I then went to Paris, one reason being a trip to the Cluny Museum, where I clocked the infamous is-2 uncanny "Lady and the Unicorn" tapestry and touched with mine own hand the confoundingly warm tombstone of Nicolas Flamel ...

Same trip I did a memorial walk for the then recently departed Pierre Klossowski, touching upon glancing against places he'd lived and worked, and I can honestly say that was one of the loveliest walks I ever took, anytime anywhere... a walk equal parts Nature and Nietzsche, so to speak: a delicious circle.

posted by Ian 1/06/2006 11:09:00 AM

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