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Every New Year calls forth the impulse to self-overcoming, and the concomittant territory of the ... Self Improvement Questionnaire!
and we're no different here at The Pill Box ...

The Eight Principal Questions.

1. Whether one wants to be more multifarious or simpler?
2. Whether one wants to become happier or more indifferent to happiness and unhappiness?
3. Whether one wants to become more contented with oneself or more exacting and inexorable?
4. Whether one wants to become softer, more yielding, more human, or more "inhuman"?
5. Whether one wants to become more prudent or more ruthless?
6. Whether one wants to reach a goal or to avoid all goals (as, e.g., the philosopher who smells a boundary, a nook, a prison, a stupidity in every goal)?
7. Whether one wants to become more respected or more feared? Or more despised?
8. Whether one wants to become tyrant or seducer or shepherd or herd animal?

set by Pill Box regular Freddy 'Hoofboy' Nietzsche
frm his The Will To Word Power and A More Winning, Winsome Gregarity
{or, Big Bruder vs Big Daddy Ubermensch...} (1888)

posted by Ian 1/10/2006 11:03:00 AM


sometimes its simpler to be multifarious...

i dont think anyone can be indifferent to happiness or unhappiness unless they r on drugs.

i like that u posed 3 as a choice...in fact, the rest of the list only exists if a persons will to power exists first.
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