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HAUNTOLOGY now and then

...node that I'm knot saying that
word flicker wasn't itsy elfs a
revenance in the night, a
patter of bodyless feet, your soul
like an icecube trayce under the covers;
node dad every word i remit isn't
a FLASH on-off beamed in from
some Other station
, saturated in eggy
jacque ("So I say: vivre les phantoms: long live
ghosts!" that's from meme-or-i)

i am,
dare I derive...
i have no lie sense... only a
dead leaf stirring of geisha fans,
fan tics, frantic tombs, letter booms,
faceless (and faithless!) wemailers,
mmm itching black molers,
molar lackers...

I'm sorry: ad just needead to get
this all out of my ph-attic chest,

yours wraithfully

Phoool Spectre.

posted by Ian 1/18/2006 09:18:00 AM

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