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If you thought all dose Scritti/Gang of 4 post-political careers-in-Kapital wuz depressing, check



more post-Pop career depressing stuff - worth the slog of reading it - just the sort of thing that is rarely covered by anyone and gives a real eye opener insight into the protracted leftover time Real of Pop; talking of which ...

an entirely other Real of Pop here - two years old, but which I didn't even realise was online - 'have fun starting arguments' like my bwoy MS usesta seh {NB i think he mainly meant Adorno footnotes and Ornette albums, not Aldershot pubs on a Saturday night...};

and as a reward to cheer everyone up, this, courtesy of here: Anna Karina meets Serge Gainsbourg, what more could a paw Francophile boy ask for?

posted by Ian 1/10/2006 11:03:00 AM

one of the very best things abt savage's pistols book = its coverage in lawyerly detail of the grim trial after

i don't find the emma goldman thing particularly depressing though: certainly the anarchist call to ABOLISH ALL INSTITUTIONS STARTING W.ME FINISHING MY HOMEWORK has always annoyed me more... it's not politics, it's just laziness --- i approve of eg libraries, and if the state isn't goin to provide them (which it ought to when it's not being OVERTHROWN BY ANARCHISTS) then someone else will have to
haha of course i liked scritti's post-post-punk stuff way better than what went before
"Oi! You! Yes you, Siiinkaaah! YORE BARRED (an' I don' mean as-in-Lacan's-theory-of-the-subject, matey pal!)
Comin' in here, bein' con bloody trary, STARTIN ARGUMENTS..."

- the landlord of The Pawboy & Punk
re: scritti
i have to admit... they actually asked me to do the sleeve notes for that Carol St era reissue last year - sent me the cd - i found it oh-NO! unlistenable, bar "Confidence" which is a jewel, & "P.A.s" (sorta-ish), so I hmm'd and hah'd but had to back out b/c all i found myself writing was swingeing criticism... as for the post-post punk stuff, i just can't go with G's winsome, thin, wispy vox, ESP on the recent me-&-the-rap-kidz stuff...
Suspect yr slv notes wouldn't have been much more critical than DoubleG's own.
"winsome, thin, wispy" or "..sugar-sweet...choirboy-soul " - U decide.
Maybe you'll like the post-post-post punk incarnation, with added geetar, bettah.
well I like both the post-punk and the post-post-punk Scritti (tho maybe not the post-post-post punk versh)... the Early stuff is fabulous (hadn't really heard it prior to the reissue last year, but when I bought it I listened to nothing but for what seemed like ages)... Cupid remains a high-sugar treat (possibly the brightest album ever); I even like Provision, tho I know i'm probably on my own there.
re: Green's sleevenotes; think Marcello had the best line on that, here's Green sneering down his nose at all those early trax while his latest me-and-the-rap-kidz elpee can't be given away for 24p at motorway service stations.
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