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One side effect of reading Petit's "wilderness of mirrors" plot involving double and triple agents and simulated traitors and plots within plots was to make me look at George Galloway slightly askance. Wouldn't all sorts of things start to drop into place if we regarded GG as a possible double/triple actor on the geopolitical scene? Hasn't he ever given you the impression of a man who is just a smidgen too cocky, smooth, self-assured - precisely as if he had The Right Dirt on The Right People, dirt he knew he could bargain with if any truly bad end was threatening him?

Bizarrely, over the weekend, I kept thinking that it was Galloway who'd been voted out of the CBB House - and that this was the reason my interest in the whole thing had COMPLETELY evaporated. But then I remembered this had happened before, for both all the previous CBBs and the ordinary BBs: almost demented interest for the first week and then .... my interest does a Wile E Coyote walk off the cliff, zip, ZERO, gone. I'm not being posey here: I checked in to see who was voted out Friday and since then ... nothing. It's almost like an allergy.

posted by Ian 1/16/2006 05:32:00 PM

i generally get more interested as (a) ppl leave [it's just such a big shouty crowd at the start], and (b) as ppl unfold and elaborate themselves

but i am too tired and busy at keep much of a check this time: its ed and i just put the book i've been proofing to bed on sun
I too lost interest this weekend, though I assumed that was because J Marsh going had removed all the drama. Watched proper 'quality' TV last night (the Poliakoff thing on BBC1)---- it was dreadful.
Yeah - wasn't it? It was like a really clever parody OF some 'quality TV' 80s 90s allegory...
Quite... It all seemed pointless, but not in any interesting way... It was all so unconvincing... totally improbable and rarefied (I mean how many people could relate to the characters or situations in even the remotest way) without ever being mythic... and like a lot of (quality) TV, it felt like a big, glossy advert... primarily for itself... I'm yet to be convinced of Poliakoff...
(incidentally -- posted here so you don't miss it on a lower-down comments tree -- the aaronovitch watch blog is if nothing else well written and great fun, plus one of its founders is i believe a wire reader) (= well done me swank swank) (actually he may just be a listener to resonance FM, i forget)
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