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Only a wee bit more unlikely than Compost's notion of a Situationist movie (Warren Beatty IS Guy Debord!*) is the actual real film coming soon, a Nico bio-pic: The End, taken from James Young's fantastic book Songs They Never Play On The Radio (one of the best ever rock tour guides/junk biogs, acutely hilarious and terminally depressing). I read one piece that casts Tilda Swinton as Nico, but I've seen photos eleswhere where it looks like somebody else. What I wanna know is who's playing mid-80s Cale? The director (David MacKenzie**) is pretty OK, and his previous film was of an Alexander Trocchi novel, appropriately enough, which actually brings us full circle back to the Situationists.

* Which triggers a favourite Beatty exchange from Reds where Beatty as Leftist journo John Reed is rallying a Trades Union meeting in a barn, which is about to be (literally) broken up by a hired bunch of redneck goons. Redneck [menacingly]: What you do, boy? Reed [pompously]: I write. Redneck [gleefully]: No - YOU WRONG.
** Trivial Coincidence: MacKenzie comes from the same dingy wee part of GLASgow as my Ma & Pa.

posted by Ian 1/20/2006 11:22:00 AM

Tilda certainly has the cheekbones, and maybe Mackenzie can actually make a watchable rock-biopic, unlike the Brian Jones abomination that Stephen Woolley vomitted up last year. Surely Johnny Depp can manage the monstrous '80s Cale following his Keef impersonation? And he'd probably be a better Debord than Beatty.
the project sounds kinda spotty, but yeah Depp as Cale is spot on!
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