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{{Over the weekend I was also listening to the forthcoming CD from an All Time Hero. I'm under heavy manners on this one, sworn to secrecy in a semi-professional capacity. But a) this All Time Hero's last proper CD was ten years ago; and b) I was a bit wobbly after the complex but sapping disappointment of The Ape of Naples, but this other All Time Hero's new stuff is just ... ASTONISHING.}}

posted by Ian 1/16/2006 05:57:00 PM

a guess: 'tis that w., like, stroller. who's neither johnny nor junior, neither joe louis nor jerry jeff. but used to be brother, i bet ;)
YOU might say that, but I couldn't POSSIBLY ... yeah, you're right.
The brother signed to 4AD, right? ;)
our ship is coming in...
A good friend of mine had his house burgled a few years back. The thieves took all his CDs (a couple of thousand), except one, left sticking out in the middle of the shelves, prominently unwanted. Sworn to secrecy and all that, but the first poster's name could have the apostrophes replaced to make the title.
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