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random stop-start lemuronica... HELLph & e-frequency... test card music for-bit mapped monkeys in space... prog rooks... spooks in algebraic space ...

re: coil v ELpH

just wanted to make it clear (ha!) that it wasn't just a matter of "where" the music came from;
listening to it last night pre-sleep i realised all over again just how odd it is: it sounds sigultaneously like some foundling electronica from 1961 but also like a transmission from light years ahead - at times, in its stop-start cadence, it sounds like it could be alien speech beamings, or, call it how you will, iter-patterns of an Other kind... at times it's almost comforting, like half recalled children's TV prog music, but there's always something just a bit off, unsettling about it; it sounds hermetically psealed yet outer spaced...

posted by Ian 1/19/2006 09:36:00 AM

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