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Talking of our inescapably Cronenbergian FUTURE...

I just read an item over at the online L.A. Weekly, about
a Russian uro-genital surgeon who helped a guy GROW
A NEW PENIS ON HIS OWN ARM. Didn't I see that
already in some early Cronenberg? Whatever: that's

Coincidentally, the circuituitous route whereby I got
to this EUGH, is, I was checking out this woman's writing
and she's started writing a pop/rock culture column for the
L.A. Weekly, which I like. I like her comment that our
collective "80s nostalgia trip [...] will soon have lasted
longer than the actual 80s." I like her Swiftian wit. I like.

posted by Ian 1/05/2006 10:46:00 AM

Those scratchy '80's indie boys just keep on coming.
Ladies and germs, get ready for the Green Gartside revival.
This Saturday at the Windmill in Brixton, and booked as Double G & The Traitorous 3.
The strange thing about this is that last night I had a dream in which I met up with Paul Morley and Green for dinner/drinks...

Are you sure abt this info?
Not that I ever leave the house any more, never mind go to some goddawful gig in the back of beyond, but..

I heard it first on a Vic Godard mailing list update (his sometime backing band The Bitter Springs are headling)...please don't ask why I am subscribing to something like that. I saw Vic a few months ago, spent the show staring at his bony ankles, pondering the miles of Richmond postal rounds that they had pounded over the years, and have been mildly re-obsessed since .
In a flurry of exitement I posted this news on a Yahoo Scritti Politti forum (Please don't dwell on what a truly 'sad fuck' thing to do that is, either...).
Anyway, the upshot was that someone else on the forum emailed Geoff Travis who confirmed that Double G was the Scritmeister hisself.
So get on down. Maybe PM will be there, and your dream could come true!!
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