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THIS at KPunk for some reason made me think that there might actually be something worth writing about the invasion of the inappropriate "icon / iconic" (see Pill Boxes, passim); years ago I suggested this phantasmic criminal scheme to my friend C. : that we round up all the no longer wanted VHS movies (there must be landfill site sized warehouses FULL of em) and export them to Russia, in exchange for beautiful old genuine IKONS. Walter Benjamin interjects fox like here to declaim on KAPITAL as a religion, which is the KEY to this particular Aladdin's cave methunk....

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P.S.} I wrote the above before rematerializing at/reading the latest hauntology post over here, including this: " ... through the perspective of one of the key features of capitalism, namely the permanent production of the piles of leftover waste. The obverse of the incessant capitalist drive to produce newer and newer objects are thus the growing piles of useless waste, piled mountains of used cars, computers, etc., like the famous airplane "resting place" in the Mojave desert - in these ever-growing piles of inert, disfunctional 'stuff', which cannot but strike us with their useless, inert presence, one can, as it were, perceive the capitalist drive at rest ..."

posted by Ian 1/31/2006 06:27:00 PM

but but but...

that's a Zizek quote!
I'm not the Zizeck Police, mark!

I don't really now what I think about him, except I know that thus far he doesnt seem to excite or ensnare me the way he does other people... but I'm not, y'know, ANTI, i havent declared jihad on the VILE EVIL theoria ever after...!

just teasing
Uuuh ... and I was convinced it was an aul Sam Peckinpah quote :-)
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