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Ye gods but I can't scour Michael Barrymore's Hitler act from my mind...

What is it about light entertainers and Hitler? Is it that, when it comes to Evil, they can only button on to something that has caricature/cartoon elements to begin with...?
Or, that they see something of themselves there in Adolf? (The neurotic prissiness combined with monster tunnel Ego? The temper tantrums crossed with pat-a-dog sentimentality? The diva-lip-curl 'I only eat green pulses' x climbing over the corpses of friends/collegues to get to the Top? The ... drugs.)

I mean, as far as any individuation of Evil goes, you can't picture Barrymore or Freddie Starr doing ... uh, Dick Cheney, can you? (The banal form-ticking Evil of the 'backroom boys'...)

In fact: the only person to have impersonated both Dick Cheney and Bin Laden is ... Eminem, isn't it?

posted by Ian 1/09/2006 08:05:00 PM

Yes yes, I know, I know, and before ANYONE says it, I'll say it myself: it's because Hitler is ICONIC and Dick Cheny isn't...

I apologise to any non-British readers (I know we have them!), for whom Danniella Westbrook and Freddie Starr et al must signify less than zero...

(PCGM = "political correectness gone mad" btw)
I wonder if the fact that he was impersonated BEFORE the extent of his evil was at all grasped - most prominently by Chaplin, but he wasn't alone - made it possible for later entertainers to take him on. Without that, who would have dared be the first to make a joke out of him?
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