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Yes, yes, it's the new Scott Walker.

It's called "The Drift".

Ten tracks (last one acoustic just like Tilt and Climate of Hunter).
Like Tilt only more so - darker, stranger, further out, further in.
Astonishing stuff. Three or four of the tracks (at least) career highlights: so powerful I had to listen to it in two or three track bursts. Tracks two and three actually disabled me for about 45 minutes after (the way "The Electrician" and "Farmer In The City" did when I first heard them, only more so).
If you got Tilt, you'll love this. "Haunting" doesn't begin to do justice to its emotional complexity.
Inspirational: a 63 year old who makes musicians - artists - a third his age seem like cop outs; and makes 53 or 63 (or 46) seem like a good age to really start living...
Worth the wait - and then some.

{Out March-ish, I think, on 4AD.

posted by Ian 1/17/2006 08:37:00 PM

Waaaaah! I want one!

By the way, you are 100% wrong about the "Ape of Naples". I look forward to reading your review in The Wire and finding out what your objections could possibly be.
Re: Coil. Coil fans seem to be split 50/50 on this. But I was trying to imagine if I was like a 19 year old who'd heard old geezers like me going on about Coil being the Second Coming, and then checked out The Ape of Naples as a representative even "definitive" sample of Coil. I think I'd be distinctly underwhelmed; I also think I'd be bemused by all these 10 year old tracks (some a bit Industrial dated) cropping up on a 'new' album and no one saying much about it ...
But hey: I know people do love it. I've just been waiting for it to grow on me and so far it hasn't - if anything it's fading fast. And I must reiterate - I loved Jhon/Coil live life itself...
yes "LIKE life itself..."
The burden of toomuchinformation is the curse of fandom. Try to call it out of context and you will be overwhelmed by its heartbreaking beauty. I played this album to a young person of my acquaintance who had not previously heard Coil. He loved it.
ian, i rather agree with you about "the ape of naples"...
and i'm delighted to read you about the new scott walker album... scott is possibly my favourite genius... i'm looking forward to listening to this new record... you are really lucky ! are promo copies already availables ?
i wrote the outline of a musical with scott walker's cover album of jacques brel covers as the score.

thx for this review/heads-up
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