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"And now here's Mark KP with the rest of tomorrow's news..."

{{Hah! It had to happen! On Channel 4 News last night, an item which combined just about everything that's been in the sooty air for the past few weeks...

---> "SMASH HITS, the iconic teen mag, dies and goes digital..."

Those were the exact words outta Jon Snow's mouf, I swears it; the idea that when something Pop + Icon DIES it has a hauntological afterlife ONLINE... maybe whoever preps the words over there keeps one eye on haun-line chat?

Nah - otherwise they would have found someone other than the usual ZZZZ NOTHING to fucking say cast of quote-bots to comment on this epochal non-event ... including Charles Shaar Murray, who at least these days has the advantage of looking like he' s just been disinterred from a nearby GRAVE... is that a FLY buzzin around his leather jacket? ... poor ol' CSM... I'm sure he's been pluggin the 'TRUE POP IS DEAD / ROCK SMELLS FUNNY, DADDY/WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT TOTP' line since about 1983... which means that by his own lights half his life he's been living in the shadow of (and makin a living off) a DEAD thing... jeez, the likes of him and Farren thought Depeche Mode and PiL were a step too far ... maybe a protracted 'death' agon(y) and purgatorial drift is the most interesting thing that can happen to some art forms...
...+ talking of which, Andrew Graham Dixon last night on forthcoming Tate exhibition about the roots of Gothic/Horror and the work of Fuselli ... looked absolutely fascinating ...}
+ oh, and Anonymous, (hooooever you are!), did you catch the Herzog piece too?}}

posted by Ian 2/03/2006 09:39:00 AM

not really apropos this but: is it true that everything in the broadband/dvd/blah era *is* immediately available and non-auratic, etc?

i don't find it to be; literally TONS of things are outta reach: chris marker's movies, *about* this kind of thing (in some ways) are totally out of reach (partly thru his choice).

well i dunno about the more general point but for me Marker's IMMEMORY [cd-rom] is one of the only true highlights of the 'new' blah epoch[e]... and Sans Soleil/La Jetee are on dvd [i know, i got 'em ... and i also know from a mediating source that CM his kingly self was more than happy with a write up i did in the Wire ... so he can't be THAT contra about this particular form/forum of dissemination...

yeah no it's his '50s stuff ('lettre a siberie') that's hen's teeth rare, and apparently he just doesn't let it out -- but what i mean is, there's *plenty* of stuff u can't find, a fair amount that doesn't even exist, the negatives burned. laura mulvey's new book -- http://www.reaktionbooks.co.uk/titles/non_death24.html -- is kind of about this.

yeah it's such a shame - and also shameful - that Channel 4 [just for one instance] no longer takes this archival function seriously as part of its visual history remit... in the 80s I VHS'd lots of Marker / Godard/ Straub+Huillet/ Lacan/ you name it gems from late night C4 seasons {including Grin Without A Cat [is that the title?] which i think i still have on grotty tape somewhere in the Pill Box underground silo ...
and no use looking to FILM FOUR where they just sem to endlessly repackage the same dubious set of 'canonical/iconic' mainly US modern classix [Scorsese/Tarantino/Coen Bros et bloody al...]

archiving has been privatised, tho really this only returns the situation to what it was 150 years ago (except on a vastly wider scale) (ie inc.books, records, film, TV, sandwich packaging, etc etc)

we chattered abt the death of SH over at poptimists, obv: it seemed sad yet right, i think wz the conclusion -- what wz CSM's take tho? SH carried on w.great verve and invention his own earlier irreverence

(word of power: "qljndyt")
Please lead me to the Herzog piece, wherever it may be...
By the way, I think you're getting some of your anonymous commentators mixed up - I've only commented on superheroes, B.B. and Herzog's staggering genius - so maybe it's time for some pretentious pseudonym... what about 'Captain Iconic'? Or 'Ikonik'? Or 'Le Icon Redux'?('krauting up' or 'going froggy' seems to get one taken oh-so-seriously on these websites...
No, au contraire, I think we should ALL, from now on, sign in as one, one Anonymous or other ...
For, in the same way that Derrida - no, sorry, it's gone...

The Apawnymous e-Penymous nonpseudoepigraphical i.p.

"Or you can sign in under erasure"

"Or you can sign in as a differance abuser"

+ cet...

{power word: kyrzs

"...Kyrzs, I'm kyrzs for feelin so lonely, kyrzs for feelin so blue..."
Oh and mark, the whole point is that CSM (power word: MCSHT) HAD no take, not the slightest slenderest hint of a take on it... he just peeled off some 'trademark' CSM one liner about - oh, after nuclear war all that will be left is cockroaches and Smash Hits... the Marxist (Grouch) effect of which soemwaht ruined by a) uh, Smash Hits has jsut capsized, and b) CSM's NOW-trademark 16rpm um... purse lps... pause...umm... delivery... so that by the TIME YOU GET TO Punchline you've forgotten what he was cracking wise about in the fust place...

POWER WORD: soemwahtjsut
Oh and Anonymous One, sorry, the Hrzg piece I was referencing was an interview (in connection with Grizzly Man) on last night's edition of BBC2's The Culture Show... notable manly for bizarre start to interview... Herzog is standing with Mark Kermode on Hollywood hill - just started answering first Q... and pppzziiiiing! 'WHAT WUS THAT?' panics Herzog, looking at his legs/groin : some unseen loony had taken potshot at them with air rifle! (At first I thought it might be a Herzog set-up - if you've read Herzog on Herzog you'll know he's got a distinctly mischievous sense of put-on humour - but at end of interview Herzog shows actual WOUND to a flustered and concerned Kermode ...!
to be fair to ANYONE EVER QUOTED on TV abt ANYTHING (well me, anyway), they will actually ALWAYS zero in on the least interesting contentful thing you said and the good stuff lies unarchivable on the cutting-room floor

dennis norden shd do a clips prog: "It'll be esprit-d'escalier on the night"

(WoP: "uycyjgh")
haha i only just read that herzong anecdote! i tht kermode wz all up for that kind of "viscerally transgressive" slasher-aesthetic stuff --- it wz one of the many kinski kidz i imagine

i believe that if i say them all, i will be allowed thru into the NEXT LEVEL: "klqztqha!"
Mark Kermode makes me wanna punch the telly... this 'new school' of film critics don't really seem to actually LIKE 'cinema' - they revel in a junk food diet of playstation, comics (check out Woss's props) sci-fi and video nasties (Kermode seems to specialise in censored eyegouging scenes from excerable Italian 80's horror - loves his mysoginy, that boy) and -yes!- ICONS!!! How they fawn in the presence of any loser who appeared in a John Hughes teenflick, or the midget who played ET...
That nitwit from the guardian seems to cream his (probably tight) jeans over any CGI dross or Britshit, too. As for that twat Maconie... (AGUIRRE ANON)
Yeah but re Tv quotes - CSM is a professional quote-bot (does he do anything else now?) - and for a news prog that night you know it's only a one line whip (crack) they're gonna use...

power word: 'yma sumac'
Careful now, mark... who knows, maybe repeating all the power words actualy conjures up ... a Ghost of E Mails Past... or a Comment Golem, with the word
HTML inscribed on its forehead say... which carries out all the spur-of-the-moment things you've said or wished for online... {add sound of echoey mad laughter here...
Is there a word limit to rants/comments? My extended rants don't seem to be appearing....
Maybe its the Wrath of bqhjjk?

Or maybe you should start your own blog,
my child, if you feeeel the Rant moving inside you...

Pastor I.,
Church of Warren Oates Moustache
My Child? My child? I'm old enough to remember when you actually contributed to magazines, sonny...
Well in that case maybe it's a Zimmer Frame you need and not a blog...
if you've really got those lacan programs (these are the ones where he looks like he's in a spike milligan sketch right?), why not get a nerd to upload 'em? They were blimmin hilarious
Surely it was Milligan that was in a Lacan sketch half the time...?
o shit i done saw one of those lacan films (of his lecture, right?) at the ica a couple of years ago. talk about making the medium your own -- not.
And that's the other side of this that no one's mentioned so far - since the original post 18 months ago or whenever it was - UNSEEN modernist 'classics' can build up a mystique/power... and then you finally see them (usually, yes, at the ICA) and think: ARE - YOU - SURE? (My reaction, years ago, I confess, to some 'Situationist' classics...)
Recent additions to ubuweb:



There is a *slight* snag though...
Let me guess: no SUBTITLES, right?

My reading French is good enough to tell a good Bataille or Derrida translation from a bad one; but my spoken French remains stubbornly moored at 'Un Jack Daniels, s'il vous plait'...
Ding! Correct.

On a related note, have you ever read the English translation of Houellebecq's first novel, Whatever? The translator has such a tin ear for the nuances of the English language that the effects are utterly grotesque eg "enfin" translated as that commonly used idiomatic phrase "in fine" (I shit you not!)
a further related (off) note: isn't it about time someone commissioned a few less dated in-slangy-aspic translations of Genet? I seem to remember a fair amount of winceworthy tuff guy argot therein, and, no, i dont think it was Genet's anyway...
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