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{{How far down does this have to go? Just heard on Newsnight Review, with reference to (I can't believe I'm writing this) the Ski Sunday Theme: "another ICONIC tune gets a revamp..." Oh do come on ... }}

posted by Ian 2/03/2006 11:27:00 PM

o/g ikon: nu-icon = aura (cf WB): dissolution (in the era of mass repro) of same

ALSO: "icons" = the little wee pix we click on on a computer screen to go through to another page

in the latter sense, this degraded usage is in fact not that problematic --- in fact, the ski sunday example is the ICONIC example, since that themetune REALLY DOES INSTANTLY and RELIABLY conjure up the idea of ski sunday, even if you NEVER watch it

half-related hauntological factoid: ski sunday is i think the only time i ever saw someone die, in real-time, on TV: during live coverage of the woman's downhill maybe ten years ago a skier fall against a barrier and snapped her neck :(

(google says: 1994 Ulrike Maier -- she was austrian)
Yeah I was reading Gregory Ulmer today and thinking I really do want to write something (ahem) proper about this ikon kraze|iness...
But it's just in the last couple of weeks I've noticed this spread to calling pieces of MUSIC 'iconic'...
I guess in the old, original sense, a (painted) ikon would conjure up something "musical": prayer, psalm, chapter, verse: that was one of its mnemonic functions. Now it's reversed ... and whatever the validity of yr point, M., I doubt the Newsnight use in relation to Ski Sunday meant what YOU say ... rather they are simply bigging up their own field of endeavour = ALL pre-2000 TV history is become by and in and of itself "iconic"... no matter how crappy or 'classic' or whatever notch on the brow it putatively occupied... thus the Ski Sunday theme is 'iconic' simply by virtue of being THEN rather than NOW... the danger is that it confers a sickly auto KITSCH upon our own private memories and/or on things (such as the traumatic example you index) wich just don't deserve it...
BTW --> the thing that haunts me in that regard is entirely SILENT (maybe the last Silent Film in my private theater?): my Dad went out and bought our first Colour TV for the 1972 Olympics... little did we know just what sort of iconography we were in for that summer ...
Free association... icon|ikon|eikon {--> simulacra} ... --> "What then is the function of ikons? They are doorways to the next level of reality because we can use our imagination to project ourselves through them and have direct experience of the other side." --> computer games + 'words of power' --> Next Levels --> allegory of/in ruins --> hidden Zone --> the Rocket as venerated ikon in Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow --> {next level = Beyond The Zero} ---> or Tarkovsky's [The] Stalker or ... {of course!} --> Andrei Rublev --> which deposits us back where we started, before the ... mark or mirror or mask or masque or masking or eikon or eidon or game-on ...

- The Ikonoglast
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