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{{I'm just off on a mini-break to the South Coast,
to walk along rainy beaches and focus on some
horizon wider than the size of a computer screen;
so don't panic... I haven't re-entered one of those
"My Dark Ages (I Don't Get Around)" phases...

posted by Ian 2/27/2006 12:55:00 PM

have a good one.

we'll be glad to have you back.
you missed the repeat of the NME program
k, come back now.
leave the pawboy alone! you take as much time as you like mr P, but I must inform you that the war against intelligence is becoming frightfully intense without you! there's a power vacuum you see, and they keep filling it with ICONS
Plus we badly need to know what Mr P thought of A Pervert's Guide to Cinema...
well I thought it was all very EIGHTIES, and pretty much unwatchable, so I watched the OTHER side
It was worth it just for his parting shot which equated spectators looking at a black screen waiting for the film to start with staring at a toilet bowl waiting for things to reappear out of the toilet and therefore the entire "deceptive" nature of The Spectacle is designed to camouflage the basic fact that "we are watching shit".

Barry Norman eat your heart out.
ummm....where's da pawboy?????
Yeah, second those emotions. Where are you Ian?
We wanna see your holiday snaps of the South Coast. Did you take The Modern Antiquarian along with you?
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