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The Grammy Awards: U2 (FIVE awards), Mariah Carey best "RnB" album, and Chemical Brothers (CHEMICAL BROTHERS???!!!) best - I dunno, best "Urban single AND album" or some such piece of logic from the Planet Corroded Nostril where all these Grammy judges obviously live... I mean: you can kinda just about see why black artists might get just a TEENSY bit p'd off with the whole rigmarole, mightn't you?

On a vaguely related note, did anyone see the Young People coming out in force against K-Punk (re: the Zombiefication of Pop) in yesterday's Guardian Comment pages? Tee hee. Don't worry, Mark: I've already written a letter protesting. No - I really have. I mean - I kinda agree with the thing about Boring Old Critics always banging on about "The Death of..." pop and rock and this and that, when all that's really died (in many instances) is their own innocence and sustained interest*; but otherwise the piece really is hilariously awful, like some Editor said: 'Get Us A ... YOUNG PERSON! to write about these Artic Monkey chappies and whatever the moptop hell's going on there... '

{{*co-incidentally, my own original namechecking of the "hauntology" puncept was in a Pill Box piece in which I critiqued parts of Ian MacDonald's (here and there admirable) The People's Music for just that crime... 'Oh things were a lot better around here when I were a flower-headed lad... no bangin' soul-dead drum machines or baseless nihilism then blah blah blah...'

posted by Ian 2/09/2006 12:44:00 PM

we could also ask, was the music journalism better in the old days? Fuck yeah! It seems to be written by 12 year olds now (I'm afraid we must include most blog outpourings)
you mean this one?


or is there more?

I love the way it's written like really bad advertising copy. 'With Rupert Murdoch's networking website MySpace planning to launch a UK-specific version any minute now - giving an initial emphasis to the hugely popular and influential music section - the sound of our times will become set even more firmly in history's stone.' History's stone.... yeuchhh. She IS only sixteen right?

Elsehwere it's like a middle-aged accountant writing a powerpoint presentation for the CEO... 'While Franz Ferdinand warmed up with an impressive 700,000 sales of their second album...'

That's it, though, isn't it, that's the sole content of her argument - sales and quantity.

Also love the pretence that there is an establishment/ old media/ mainstream bias against Indie...

But ye gods, surely a new kind of low has been reached when Britpop is invoked as 'a golden age of music'...
take the point about old critics banging on about the death of this and that etc etc but surely a worse danger is old critics falling over themselves to show how hep they are by lauding the lastest new fangs, no matter how crappy they are...


I want there to be something I haven't heard (of) that I really should have, something that isn't a shiny new respray of yesterday's retro...
The Grammys, like the Brits, Pop- Idol, or any other Bread and Circus pop celebration, is inherently RACIST. The sound of young pop is actually now 'blacker' than it ever has been (and sales fail to reflect free downloads etc.).
All this indie jangle shit is, like britpop, a reactionary retreat (those Carling Boybands are as queasy about 'urban' sounds and spaces as the Daily Mail).
To get the 'iconic' (or MOJO)treatment, a black artist seems to require eccentric ubermensch credentials (Ray, Fela, Aretha, Sun Ra, Lee Perry, Marvin, Miles). Even then they are placed below/along anemic mediocrity like Blur, Smiths, or the fucking bastard bollocks Stone Roses (how many column inches did these twerps really deserve?). In three minutes, even a relatively minor talent like Beyonce pisses on those 'classic album' bores.
Consider this: where Mike Skinner or Eminem are hailed as 'genius', Dre and Dizee are relegated to a sociological 'issue'. Also check out how Bono (the Cecil Rhodes of rock) has been spun as the saviour of Africa, or how Joss Stone (the Elkie Brooks of the 00's) is supposedly our 'queen of soul'. The music media/industry's racial complacency/bigotry remains shameful
So how about it? Instead of berating the ongoing lameness of 'retro' and 'indie', let's have a Truth and Reconciliation Commision on this paper tiger ...
Fuck 'the new punk' - Black music needs a riot of its own... AGUIRRE ANON

she is aweseom and ur all gay lol
Joss Stone (the Elkie Brooks of the 00's)

lol, but isn't that a little harsh on Elkie?
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