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The Pill Box bunker is empty and lifeless.
In the pitch darkness, only a flickering TV, playing what appears to be a loop constructed from the opening 30 seconds of a recent Richard and Judy ...

"It's all about ICONS today!!! ... for fans of iconic images like ... and tales of the 60s icons behind such ... and 70s icons Dempsey and Makepeace..."


posted by Ian 2/23/2006 10:32:00 AM

i wish we had a camille paglia here. she'd hack it to bits.
the arbitrary and false icons, i mean.
Do we have a new trough? Is there a weaker stated claim to iconicness, even in the adulterated sense we now keep seeing, than Dempsey & Makepeace?
haha i am busy readin three year's worth of back issues of [redacted] as i wait to hear if i'm shortlisted, and have drawn up a WHOLE LIST of words i want to banish from its pages -- this one pops off practically every page!
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