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a ZZZZZZZZZZZombie rites...

1) "Sit back and enjoy the story of one of the most memorable, iconic even, rock LPs of all time..."
{frm. 'The Observer TELEVISION: 5-11 February 2006', re: BBC2 Classic Albums, Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon.
... Noting only that
a) for once, I might just buy this if they were talking about the cover (which somehow does have enduring non-dated force of some kind of icon or emblem...);
interesting programme, as it happens (and I DO like the album);
this, no less than the sins of Ms. Hanman, is just as much a prime example of quasi-PR anony-prose... ("of all time" indeed! ; and to ask
does the fact that, say, inter alia, in theory, a 22 year old bruiser from Liverpool and a 16 year old girl from Glasgow and a 63 year old Physics professor from Moscow and a 46 year old putatively 'ex punk' blogger from N7 (not to mention his 70 year old Dad, who actually bought it at the time of its release) might all dig 'Dark Side of The Moon' (1973) make it MORE or LESS 'iconic' - i.e., does the fact that it is no longer 'iconic' OF its so called time and place and type of music... do you see?

possibly overlooked comment from few boxes ago...

"YES! That Danish cartoon has become our true and ultimate contemporary ICON - in its un-viewable and powerful absence!

Flippantly "iconic" and apocalyptically invisible... a perfect merger of old and new..."

[# posted by Ian : 9/2/06]

posted by Ian 2/11/2006 02:31:00 PM

It's one thing producing anony-PRose anonymously (I'm assuming it was an anonymous TV listing, which, after all IS a sort of PR?); it's another for the Guardian to publish such prose, with a byline, on its COMMENTS pages.
Mark! Shame on you! To paraphrase a classic Homer-Bart exchange:

"How daaaaaaare you! You take that back about my lovely TV Listings!"

Without them, I'd be wandering, eyeless and gaga...

{And I still think my On The Box listings for the NME are the finest work I've ever done... ha ha...

{{Sorry; can't resist another one while we're here:

Marge: We want to talk to you, Homer.

Homer: But then I won't be watching TV! You can see the bind I'm in...
More seriusly, tho', isn;t this jsut the sort of thing that
a) Ms Hanman thinks she's "rebelling" against; and
b) given that we're often only as sharp and pungent as the example set by our Other in any putative discursive scrap, look at the example she's being set, and in what kind of langauge: this may just be a free floating scrap of Tv listing, but isn't it representative of the whole uncritical unthinking space-filling OMM/Mojo/list-TV "second greatest garage rock b side of all time" agenda..., which knocks/sucks the breath out of anything/everything it touches, with its Automatic Canonisation machinery? (Thus: Artic Monkeys is already hailed as "xth Greatest British LP of all time" before most people have heard it... etc. Which is just one reason I'd rather watch THE HITS and TMF and be blown away by an Amerie outta nowhere or even a brilliant Gorillaz vid than read ANY non-internet music writing these days...

nothing against TV listings --- PR has its places, they just shouldn't be, like, everywhere...
Aha! A little light has come on re: your last post. Nat's resentiment could well have been pricked less by explicit attacks on the Arctics/FF etc, who are universally lauded throughout Old Media, than by the constant, grinding presence of the OMMoJo listless listomania. As if she's saying: Now WE have our own lists! Not seeing that it is the Automatic Canonization Process that IS the problem.
re: automatic canonization process... what's significant about that is how it isn't 'really' canonization, because surely canonization requires a band to STAY on the canon, for more than a few minutes. But Indie is like the lead character in Memento, unable to form new memories. The Old Stuff stays in place, forever, but anything post 89 comes and goes.

re: this, not that it's quite Indie, but it is v NME: I read a quite pathetic anecdote in a tabloid to the effect that The Darkness (winner!of!oodles!of!Brits only a couple of years ago at most) are now reduced to begging to be INVITED to any awards ceremonies...
Hey guys, while you lot are going through existential nausaea over BOYBANDS and lamebrained teenage journos, the government has just announced the next big step in a POLICE STATE. But hey - being concerned about that seems to render me a 'crank' in some parts... but nevermind, 'the old men at the zoo' are engaged in heated debate about Big Brother, the Brits, and NME - so maybe their impeccable sense of aesthetics will stop the resisitible rise of the dystopia... AGUIRRE ANON
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