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Somebody asked about 'live' John Martyn..... I do have stories but they're from a long long time ago, a different life... I pretty much stopped going to gigs (Coil excepted, in the last 5 years, but then, they weren't really 'gigs' more like rites)... even people I like it no longer makes any sense... two poles... sitting in the Barbican or Elizabethan Hall (or whatever the southbank concrete stain it's called) watching all too formal presentations by John Cale or Diamanda Galas... song, polite applause, song, polite applause... I don't get it, I dont understand what it's FOR... (and I can't even smoke or drink)... culture in amber... it might as well be Matt Monroe up there... at the other end I did actually go to a 'gig' in some tiny East End shit box last year (or the year before?) - one of those trendy bands The Wire got behind - Sunburned Hand of The Man - the support acts were some of the most unbelievably lame shit its ever been my misfortune to stand through... insupportably self indulgent (but AMATEURISHLY so - that was the real crime - pure criminal near transcendental self indulgence I can sometiems take and get behind) then the bloody toilets broke and started flooding the space... fizzy lager in bendy glasses... and Sunburned Blah were just slightlier funkier than average Stoner noodling... I had to leave... barking insults as I did so... a mad old penitent... but it seemed as 'radical' to me as a knitting circle... but then, you know, I am a middle aged 'Exile' on Moan Street...

posted by Ian 3/25/2006 02:38:00 PM

See? Exile on Moan Street. You are a GENIUS! I'd fucking buy it!
Saw John Martyn in Brighton Dome at the time of Sunday's Child - at the end of a well-lubricated and amazing night of music he invited the entire audience back to his place in Hastings for a party. I was a schoolboy with no transport available but, given that the Dome must have contained about four hundred people that night, it must have been quite a party.
knitting is actually quite hip again - or was that until yesterday?
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