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Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm here (sort of).
Only I'm, I dont know, February-of-1975-bored. Bored bored bored bored BORED.

I havent seen ANY of the TV progs you mention cuz I've pretty much stopped watching it.
I've started playing the guitar again (FACT! as DB useta say) .
(Hang on, lets look at tha dates: Derek Bailey - also DB! - passes on... a day later I pick up wonky acoustic guitar for first time in 23 years.... oh me, the signs are auspicious...)
Anyone for freakouts? Maybe we should all stop grousing and dare ourselves to produce CDs insted of blogs heh heh... (Imaginary reviews by Friday please.)

I've also shaken off lethargy to write things for money so i can take a much needed holiday somewhere. (OK. i DO want a holiday in the sun. I want to go to the old Lisbon. Find my Melody Nelson lost in the labyrinth of Cronos... find my Eurydice stranded behind the fender of Stratos...)

I have been writing a lot but its v. personal in a Bukowski/S. Shepard type way; it wouldn't sit right here. I should be linking to exposes of Halliburton in the Iraq "reconstruction" here, thats what i should be doing...
I dont know what I should be doing. Bored bored bored bored bored.
Jumpy. Twitchy. O, twitchy as can be...

posted by Ian 3/20/2006 11:54:00 AM

wait...i'm feelin this...spoken word cd's or music or whatever yr thing is...offered for free on blogs....damn i love this
Penman, better known for his unusually dense music criticism, releases his first CD "exile' on March 28th. Almost entirely acoustic except for a boiling kettle overdubbed on 'blog fever'. Penman gives us a raw insight into the inner life of a man slowly coming to terms with the mental vulnerabilities and physical rustiness that middle age brings, while also commenting upon a long career in music journalism. In 'you can't get methedrine anymore' Penman expresses a wistful nostalgia for his postpunk affiliation with the Ladbroke Grove squat movement..
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