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Further to the stuff below about news/America/propoganda...

I was just exchanging e mails with a friend in the US, and she was, like, oh my office is SURROUNDED by people and police and helicopters and stuff at the moment , a HUGE demo... and so I said - well, what is it, is it a roar against the Iran thing, or is it more local (she's in Portland) and she said:

"...it's against the federal government. it started as protests for immigrant rights. it started in chicago. a few weeks ago there was the largest demonstration EVER in the united states. but you don't hear about these things in the news. it's been smoldering underground for a long while, but after chicago it's been flaring up in cities all over the country..."

Now, I'm currently going through one of my phases of not watching much (hardly any) TV... so maybe someone can indicate if there''s been any mention of THIS on or in our News?
(I dont really read any newspapers either.)

posted by Ian 4/10/2006 09:41:00 PM

And you a journalist. there was quite a bit about the LA protests about immigration, I suppose because it could be included in the guinness book of records (demo section)
'"Journalist"? I dispute that, sir! I would have you retract that slur!

(Actually I seem to remember something about the immigration demos on Jon Stewart... now you mention it.)
Like most of the anti-war demos in London, you'd never know they'd happened if you relied on Fleet St. or tv: the infotainment motorcade rolls on, packed with juicy tales like this:

- Fear and, indeed, loathing. As good Doors fans, of course, we're completly behind such ritual dismemberment: "the engine runs on glue & tar," etc.
It was all over the BBC world service. Does that count?
i don't think there's much sinister abt brit media's failure to report this well: since the majestic charles wheeler retired, no mainstream uk channel has achieved competent coverage of US beyond-beltway politics -- wheeler cut his teeth reporting on the civil rights marches, talking to political "outsiders", but his successors just don't do the footwork

first: basically brit media allows itself be dazzled by the "insider" element of US politics -- hence the endless parade of think-tank nobodies on eg newsnight -- and in this instance, the professional US politicos on all sides were totally wrong-footed by the sheer scale of these demos (hence bbc et al doubly late to the picnic)

second: given the conventional (US) wisdom abt the republican coalition -- that odd and unstable as it is, political threats to it always simply firm it up -- but the argument about the legal status of worker-migrants in america tears at the heart of the coalition, since neo-lib business-world pragmatism recognises the utter necessity of LOTS AND LOTS of off-the-books very cheap labour, while the nativist rightwing -- lost in rancid chauvinist fantasyland -- is calling for the criminalisation of some 12 million people, free-fire-zone border controls and an anti-mexican wall from sea to shining sea

GOP triumphalism after bush's narrow-squeak victory in nov 2004 claimed that conservative values-convergence would soon see black and latino churchgoers (evangelical and catholic respectively) flocking to polls to vote repub

but in the event a sequence of catastrophic bush administration blunders leave black and latino voters less likely than EVER to get in bed with repubs: the medicare botch, the social security debacle, the murderously incompetent katrina response, and now a chaotically flubbed attempt at appeasing red-meat red-state white racists -- in fact they've pissed off both sides mightily, and even though you'd always want racists to be the ones whose dreams aren't fulfilled, in practical ballot-box terms it's a nightmare for the right

where'd u go?
Come on Ian...
you do what you like Mr. P. I don't think these people understand how blogs drain valuable talent energy
Oh dear....

War, war, war.

Why can't we just all get along, eh?

Prozac for the masses, I say!


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