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The North London estate where I am domiciled is probably 75% composed of refugee and immigrant communities, and because of our house number at one point we got a constant stream of confused Muslim people (with no English) who were looking for a Lawyer who looks after their arriviste quandaries and more, round the corner at number 'X' same number but different street; and nearby is a Centre for the Victims of Torture; and further down the road two major mosques (one of them being, yes, the infamous "Finsbury Park Mosque"...); and inbetween is a shop that a few years ago had in its window a matching track suit and baseball cap imprinted with the word JIHAD. (I *so wanted to buy it, I so really did... I mean, it's a step up from knock-off PRADA, come on, dontcha think...?); and last night there was a gang of about 40 Dem Hoodie Black Yout playing tag with various police sirens - because, well, summer is nearly here and it's time for... well, fidgeting a bit and riding your mountain bike too ruffneck in da streets the youth dem seh...;

So but anyway - you know - I'm painting you a picture here, like, I'm in the cauldron-smoke heart of things, so to speak.

And yesterday as I was walking to the Supermarket, there was this stirring music BLASTING from one of the estate windows - I mean, BLASTING, insurrectionary volume, never heard anything this loud before, not even from the would be Junglists two doors down at their peak a few summers ago; and at first I couldnt quite believe ... no... surely not ... yes ! ...

The music in question?


posted by Ian 4/06/2006 12:48:00 PM

maybe you should introduce your renegade folkist neighbours to dave tibet!
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