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...talking of a wilderness of mirrors.... what's interesting (from a fan's or obsessive's POV) about the MUSIC side of the 'myspace' iconophenom is that, if you check out the sites for even the trendiest or biggest of 'Indie/Rock' groups the amount of 'hits' or 'plays', big tho it might be in some cases, absolutely PALES in comparison to the vast hinterland of fan sites devoted to (and this is just my example, my current crush) DJ Screw/Trae: the amount of PLAY/download hits some of these obscure fan sites get, per day, is mind boggling.

I wonder if there are early morning par-tays or mid day bar-b-q in Texas, where instead of somebody DJing they just jack their customised laptop into a pair of big back in the day like dub wize home made speakers? (I've only got a tiny pair of bass-feeble speakers comin out of my laptop and something like 'Swang' still sounds wonderful.)

There's a kind of death-drive-embracing irreverance to some of these fan sites too, which I (naturally) love: insted of some R.I.P. mistily 'iconic' pic of Screw, they take their own pic of paper cups full of the gluggy purple linctus called PROMETH (With Codeine), a steady midnight diet of which ("IF YOURE GONNA RIDE... RIDE THE WHITE HORSE.") seems to have been the very same thing that did for the big man himself. Haul-2-getha now: DRANK UP IN MAH CUUUUUUP......

posted by Ian 5/30/2006 08:25:00 AM

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