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The CIA in the 50s 60s 70s: just as American campuses had no trouble 'assimilating' the supposedly oh so radical 'Impossible' threat or dare of Lacan, Fouacult, Derrida, et al, so the CIA had no trouble with the Russians as adversary because they were speaking the same language, everything is safe and secure, essentially, because no one truly breaks out of the 'intelligence' shell game, they all come and spill their guts (or 'lecture') in the end (like the good double agents they think they are), because it's all about 'messages' that aren't messages but can still be 'read' in six different ways, and its all about presences that can be plausibly denied as absences, and codification as a kind of delirium, and an ever shifting rotating, camoflagued 'Real' that can plausibly be proclaimed merely Symbolic or Imaginary.... the 'voice' in a text as a triple agent, no longer knowing if its acting for or against its own interests or narrative investment... etc.

A 'Wilderness of Mirrors.': couldnt that be a book about (post) Lacan (studies)?

Every day you put a message under a rock, and this, this you call Destiny...

posted by Ian 5/30/2006 07:39:00 AM

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