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THE WILD BUNCH last night. Glory, glory, hallelujah. Peckinaph is one of the only things left that doesnt disappoint when I return.

But why did it take me so long to see that you could stop watching it as Mexico or Vietnam, and start watching it as IRAQ? (Mapache as Saddam/Bin Laden - 'OK, boys, we find him morally repugnant and he kills his own people, but let's train him/sell him arms anyway...' And it all ends up in one big fucked up amockalypse of a bloodbath at the end.)

posted by Ian 5/30/2006 07:35:00 AM

dunno bout that. pikes men are hardly big and powerful like america and mapache isn't very powerful either, he might get powerful in northern mexico with some guns and that. where does the railroad fit in? i don't get it. maybe i'm thick but that sort of reading seems to me to flatten the film out trying to make it say things its not saying. its a great film why simplify it and mangle it into a shape of your choosing?

did you see it at the NFT? i was loving that wetern season while it lasted.
naw i saw iton TV by chance; altho I & two compadres did go to see a special screening of the wild bunch at the NFT when SP died; we got thrown out - something to do with a bottle of tequila and a bottle of bourbon; i think he would have been proud.

its not literal (railroad could equal oil pipeline *if you wanted it to*) but symbolic, and it'sjust a blog lite thought that drifted thru my head as i was writing, no big thesis, altho thinking about it, i think i could construct a fary convincing para something or other involving the 'deep background' politics that go into something like Iraq... (where rouge 'intelligence' wild bunches train rogue fanatic bunches from the putative 'enemy' side and... etc) but thats a whole other post. maybe all i really meant was that it seemed fresh as ever, fresh as hell, when so much else seems stale. and i'd like to watch it again again, and re check, but my impression is that a) there may be 'violence' but theres not that much blood per se, by todays standards and b) there may be (funny and inventive) 'cursing' but again, not much 'bad language' by todays standards. the violence' is emotional and symbolic, allegorical...
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