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A first: last night I had a dream in which Lacan made an appearance. (I can't remember any more than that, unfortunately. My previously most notable/memorable oneiric Guest Appearance was this one dream where I had Breakfast with Mr & Mrs Les Dawson. I just know there's a punchline waiting to be made somewhere here, but for the half life of me I can't pin it down ...)

posted by Ian 6/09/2006 09:50:00 AM

my good pal and saviour mr t.ewing of freaky trigger and ur-poptimist prjoect popular had a dream in the style of DAVID LYNCH'S DUNE featuring -- in the role of st alia of the knife and announcing something VERY IMPORTANT -- none other than k-punk's son!!

sadly when tom awoke he could not remember the VERY IMPORTANT announcement
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