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I have to say, I agree with a whole lot of what Marcello has to say here; I've been disappointed, or bored stiff, or impressed-but-untouched by 99% of Stuff I Should Like, lately. On the other hand, I found myself improbably moved by - of all things - the last two Will Young 45s;...

... the one with the strange Nuremberg Tribunal looking video, and the new one with the too-smart-alecky Blue Peter video. The latter, moved almost to tears. He's definitely discovering things in his voice, thngs he can do with his voice, places to go, spectres to meet ....

posted by Ian 6/09/2006 09:52:00 AM

Sorry, but that very 21st century snivelling, anaemic asexuality of his whole 'schtick' blinds me to any potential 'merit' in his tunes. He reminds of Morrisey without the wit - and 'Moz' was an overrated, sexless reactionary twerp who's influence on a whole (sub)generation was DISASTEROUS (he gave a green light to the racism of 'indie'? Discuss). There are 35 year old men willing to glass me for daring to say Morrisey was actually rather shit... AGUIRRE ANON
maybe it's a generational thing, but i could never understand the fuss about morrisey; i always thought his interviews and his 'schtick' were the most interesting things about him (whereas bowie and NY dolls were straights playing at being gay, M was gay boy playing at being straight); but i found the voice and the music unlistenable. i cant fathom why so many people are grovellng at his 06 feet, when it just sounds like the same old tired drone, only with even less flair and friction, if that's possible. (ditto paul weller, times ten.) "reggae is vile", huh, stephen? well, i'd trade every morrisey song past present and future, for the chance to hear a scratched 12" copy of the Blood Sisters lovers rock classic "I'd Rather Go Blind" one more time again before I die ...
I was a highly alienated teen when 'Moz' was at his 'peak'- but I found feeling in Run DMC, the Fall, and P-Funk (posh tossers liked the Smiths). 'Moz' belongs to that over-represented 'tradition' of unmusical 'poets' (or a fourteen year old's idea of 'poetry' - words, words, words, and witty, referential interviews, vacuous political slogans and an actual sound that dirges on with no regard for the pleasures of the ear (Dylan, Davies, Weller, Costello, Monkeys). Anyone with half a brain knows that three minutes of Gorrilaz pisses over Blur's entire career. All very white of course, and beloved by those who claim to be 'into' music but are more into their narrow, cosy, middle-class sense of 'identity' (i.e. 'whiteness'). AGUIRRE ANON
love to join all the beating but i can't find my schtick... not entirely sure what one is either... kinda agree about will young and Pop in general - there's a new fashion amongst my generation (i.e. mid 30s now) having to learn to hate pop all over again becaue some of it keeps being good while a lot of 'art' keeps being bad... still, i've got the snaking suspicion there's moe good music around now than there's ever been... it's just perhaps the %s that throw people off....
for reasons too elaborately silly to explain, i've spent the early summer hunting across iranian pop download sites, with results bizarre and amazing: viz especially dj maryam aka mahshar singing "vase chi"

try here:

oops hang my itunes just spewed up one of john peel's t.rex "spoken word fairtytales" :(
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