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I think the new Busta Rhymes 45 is crud - over produced and under developed. It's like he's just thrown all the current 'in' signifiers at a wall and hoped some of it would stick. I hate the video for it, too (cash, jewellery, muscles, foxy ladies, etc yawn etc.) Especially sad, as at the weekend one of the video channels played the vid for WOO HAH! WOO HAH!, which, both sonically and video wise, actually seemed years ahead of the current stiffo. (I still love the kick-off start of that old video, where Busta and compadres are all stuck in a too-small car.) But yesterday the same channel played a 'REMIX" version of the current single - the only notable bit of which is the beginning, where Busta and Smug Signifyin Pal are HUPstaged in sharpness and hipness by a posse of young black schoolgirls, doing an HON-masse foot stomp dance routine. I saw this in the morning and it really made me smile; then, aboot 4 hours later, I was stacking books in my first floor eyrie when I heard the HEXact same DISS-tinctive foot stomp pattern (somewhere between military parade, Gold digger tap, and circa HAIGHTey One Buffalo Girl rope-skip hip hop) ...

I looked outside and three of the Estate girls (about age 8 to 10, I guess), in school uniform, arm in arm, (one black, one white, one cappucino) , were making their way home, DOIN THE DANCE, foot note for foot note.

I predict a summer trend.

posted by Ian 6/09/2006 10:06:00 AM

That Busta single should feature the girls all the way through - then we would have us a nice singalong (and highly danceable) summer no.1. I'm sure there was few hits of this kind in the late 80's (remember 'The Word' by the Junkyard Band? Awesome!)
However, those paunchy, ageing MCs hog the whole track with their tiresome MTV egos. AGUIRRE ANON
Thanks for linkin' me (UnderConstruction) and that gold-digger tap is everywhere, even in Tehran...:)Good luck
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