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Explicatory link to Moorish Science {see previous story} :

History and Catechism of Moorish Orthodox Church ;

and a good 1994 Erik Davis article on Peter Lamborn Wilson, which touches upon the M.O.C. and its self-proclaimed 'prophet' Noble Drew Ali:

"For Wilson, a more important instance of "heresy as cultural transfer" occurred early this century in the work of Noble Drew Ali, the African American whose imaginative mixture of Masonry, esoteric Christianity, and his own visionary dreams of Egypt led to everything from Elijah Mohammad to hip-hop's 5 Percent Nation. As Wilson says, "Drew Ali's a real American prophet, the black man with a Cherokee feather stuck in his fez—the perfect image of everything I wish America were and isn't." In Sacred Drift, Wilson seeks the poetic fact of Noble Drew Ali, drawing not only from historical materials but from conversations with old-timers and pamphlets bought from incense-sellers in Times Square. "This is in fact the real opening of Islam in America. It's only long after that you find middle-class white people becoming interested in Sufism."

Wilson's Sacred Drift (Essays on the Margins of Islam) is the book I mentioned which has a whole chapter on Noble Drew Ali et al.

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