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The only time I've ever wished I had a mobile phone .... I was skulking round various audio mySpace shrines or virtual vitrines the other night, which sometimes feels like a kind of nostalgic pub crawl, except you're crawling for jukeboxes not drinks, because in parallel with all the New Artist mySpace sites is a profusion of fan sites, some of which are rather odd, to say the least, although I do like being able to click-click and just like a good jukebox you can hear "Kinky Afro" or "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" or "I See No Evil" or "Swang", etc, just like that, but I'm straying from my initial point here (although, BTW, I've been massively underwhelmed by every Future of Music As We Know It new New Artist I've heard hyped on mySpace, up to and including Joan As Police Woman - you'd think you were going to hear some kind of ultimate dream combination of Rickie Lee Jones, a distaff Tim Buckley and Nina Simone, but... well, let's just say I don't get it, I really don't - except, EXCEPT, Kode9, who instantly passed my I MUST PLAY THIS TEN TIMES IN A ROW NOW test with "9 Samurai" - and if anyone can throw me together a Kode9/Burial CD I'd be very grateful, ta, also, which reminds me, does anyone know of any good dub-hardy SPEAKERS going for a song? The woofers of my long suffering Acoustic Research are literally now held together with gaffer tape, and I KNOW that one more over enthusiastic run through of a favourite track off a WOEBOT compilation and I'm going to be speakerless in Gaza...), but, yeah, to get back to the mobile phone thing, the only time I ever wished I had a mobile phone (because not only do I not have one, but I still have no idea how to operate one) was here ... Pere Ubu ringtones??!! Now that I would like to hear!!! "Life Stinks" or "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" rendered as a ringtone...

posted by Ian 6/25/2006 10:34:00 AM

That last link... it just takes you to the My Space search page - no ringtones to be had or am I missing something? I've been looking for something like Pere Ubu ringtones. Or Pop Group - the first bars of She's beyond good and evil would be ideal!
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