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From interview with Seth Lloyd (a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, and "among the pioneers of quantum computing"):

TR: Programming the Universe concludes with a personal note. You describe how your friend Heinz Pagels, a renowned physicist, fell to his death while hiking with you in Colorado. You find some consolation in your theory of universal quantum computation: "But we have not entirely lost him. While he lived, Heinz programmed his own piece of the universe. The resulting computation unfolds in us and around us ..."

Lloyd: Well, it's pretty poor consolation when someone you love is dead. But it's a truer consolation than the idea that one day you might meet him in heaven.

I like that description - "While he lived, Heinz programmed his own piece of the universe. The resulting computation unfolds in us and around us" - and it made me think about those Coil dreams I mention below in a new light. Very few people have actually made me regard the universe in a new way, and J.B. was definitely one of them... {might it not also be a chink of syntactic or taxonomical light into a new way of thinking about what it is to be or feel "haunted"... ? Someway between an essentially 18th or 19th century conception of "haunting" and "ghosts" ... and our own more 21st century ripples about "hauntology" in this new digital paradigm we inhabit? "Haunting" as unprocessed information, an excess or - what's the phrase? - overload. Return of the repressed - but return(ed) like a loop or scratch. This is the feeling I get in certain dreams - that essentially the Same piece of 'information' is being returned to me (YOU HAVE ONEIRIC MAIL!) over and over again, until I 'get' it. It plays out as a 'scene', in a kind of theatrical or rather cinematic way. Script/scrypt. Script in computer lingo. scrIPt. (Ny Name is Internet Protocal.) Encryption. Iancryptian. Egyptian. Computer 'language' as a 'programme' like Crowley's being 'haunted' (becoming a 'receiver' for) the Aiwass proto-CALL in Cairo, 1904.

Yikes! How did I get here - from there?
But it does ring true, in a resonantly free-associative LOOPy sort of way:- Crowley as proto HACKER. hacking into aeons (and e-offs) of 'information' - recessed, (almost literally) encrypted 'information'. Pictogrammic. Cryptic. Coptic. (Who told me that Enochian and Coptic were very similar? Dee and Kelley as proto hackers also... staring into a black screen, waiting for the angelic download to come ... Dee as the original 'Dr John'! Loop Garou!) Schizophonic... ah yes, which takes us nicely back around (in another parallel loop) to Avital Ronell, and her wonderful Telephone Book ... many of whose 'messages' are still waiting to be be 'picked up' ...

Full article HERE ...

posted by Ian 7/12/2006 11:04:00 AM

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