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Mention of Coil (in a comment-on-a-comment BELOW} reminded me that I had a long and preternaturally detailed dream about them last night; and I actually managed to scribble down a few of the details... some of which still make sense, some of which are now utterly obscure.
I can remember, in the dream, Jhon Balance talking (with a big lovely grin on his face) about "messy ass" sex practices, and how someone called "Ashley" (ASS-ly?) was worried by his sticking to these practices and wanted him to stop. (The grin seemed to suggest 'As if!') I can remember I had written a huge article, or even a small book, about him and Coil, and that there was a lot of discussion about finding the right title, and that one of the rejected titles (which I liked - "I think the title is perfect" - but no one else did) was 'Desperate Measures'; another one had something to do with 'Dark Nights'.

But Mercury alone knows what the notation "Blonde on Blonde / David Keenan / cats" refers to ...

There's been about a half-a-dozen or more of these Coil dreams of late.
Dictation from the Beyond, any one?

posted by Ian 7/11/2006 03:39:00 PM

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